God's Grace for a Balanced Life

As we journey through life, we often pick up habits that serve us well for a time but can eventually turn into hindrances as we evolve and grow. One such habit is the relentless pursuit of success through our own efforts, commonly referred to as a "work-like" mentality. 

In my youth, I was encouraged to be a high achiever, whether in academics or other areas of life. This habit of striving for excellence served me well, motivating me to put my best foot forward in everything I did. It became a driving force, pushing me to achieve my goals and dreams. However, as I matured, I found that this very habit, once beneficial, had transformed into something that hindered my progress, especially when it came to major life decisions.

This transformed habit often led me to believe that success was solely the result of my hard work and determination, removing the divine element from my life. I began to worry excessively about my finances, accommodation, career, relationships, and other aspects of life, leading to increased anxiety and stress.

I discovered that the solution lies in finding a balance between our efforts and faith. It's essential to acknowledge that many aspects of life are beyond our control. Instead of striving relentlessly to control them, we must learn to surrender them to God. This balance is beautifully expressed in the instruction to "be anxious for nothing but with prayer and supplication, make your request known to God. However, a common dilemma arises: how do we reconcile faith with action? We're reminded that "faith without works is dead." To tackle this issue, it's crucial to recognize the season we're in. Even when God communicates a message with utmost clarity, our ingrained patterns of thinking from previous seasons can impede our acceptance of His fresh revelations. For instance, God may emphasize the need for rest in our current season, yet we might still be mentally entrenched in the ways of the past, causing us to resist His new message.

The key question here is whether we're truly hearing God's voice or merely echoing our former identity. By acknowledging that God consistently confirms His messages through His prophets and His written word, we can avoid being misled by twisted interpretations of scripture and instead rely on the genuine divine guidance that God provides directly to us.

One significant realization is that sometimes our best efforts aren't good enough. We block God's blessings when we insist on relying solely on our own abilities. It's crucial to understand that we need to let God reveal His best to us, which often requires us to rest in His promises. This revelation may come when God encourages us to take a step back and find solace in His assurances. It may seem counterintuitive to simply rest and let God work, but it's essential to recognize that this isn't a matter for the human mind alone to comprehend. It's a spiritual journey where our spirit must grasp the truth that God has spoken. Once we receive this truth, our actions will naturally follow suit as we learn to walk in the spirit rather than in the flesh.

The journey of unlearning a once-productive habit can be challenging, but it is essential for our growth and well-being. As we unlearn the belief that we must do it all ourselves, we find comfort in the knowledge that there is enough grace for us. We can embrace a balanced approach to life, acknowledging the role of faith and divine intervention in our journey. Remember, it's not about overworking but about learning to rest in God's promises.

As the popular Nigerian pastor wisely emphasizes, "Grace, Grace, Grace! That is your story!" Embrace the grace of God and find balance and fulfillment in life.

Fikayo Bolujoko