Workplace Community

People at a place of work

On average we spend about 90,000 of our lives at work. This represents about 1/3 of our lifetime! Yet with work being such a significant part of our lives in terms of our time, creative energy, and relationships many struggle to make the vital connection between their work and faith, seeing them as two isolated things. Moreover, in many cases, we also spend more time with work colleagues than we do with our families, but sometimes those relationships can be shallow and based solely on the output of work or our latest performance.

Workplace communities provide a space within the workplace to build friendships beyond performance and for like-minded colleagues to work out together how their faith integrates with their work in such a way that it adds value to the entire organization and its stakeholders.

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Do You Want To Start Your Own Workplace Community? Here’s How:

1) Download our booklet on Workplace Communities.

2) Find another colleague or two who shares the desire to start a workplace community at your place of work.     

3) If this journey of deeper friendships, spiritual connection, mission, and re-integrating faith and work is something you are convinced is worth taking, reach out to us via the form below so we can start the process together.