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The Blessing of Mourning: Finding Comfort in a Broken World

In our fast-paced and often demanding lives, we encounter moments of sadness, anger, and grief. Society constantly emphasizes the need to be happy and wear a smile, leaving little room for acknowledging and processing our genuine emotions. However, in the midst of this cultural pressure, there is wisdom to be found in embracing the concept of mourning—not just as the opposite of morning, but as a genuine expression of sadness. In a broken world filled with broken people, broken places, and broken systems, pain, loss, and disappointment are inevitable. So how can we live a blessed life amidst this brokenness? Let's explore the profound idea shared by Jesus in Matthew chapter five: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

Mourning in the Face of Challenging Circumstances: Jesus spoke these words during the Sermon on the Mount, addressing a community oppressed by Roman rule, heavy taxation, and constant fear. Their lives were far from what they hoped for under God's rule. Similarly, we face our own external pressures, whether in the workplace or personal life. It could be discord, challenges to our authority, or intense competition. In the midst of such circumstances, Jesus blesses those who mourn, granting them the freedom to acknowledge and experience sadness without pretense. Mourning allows us to embrace authenticity, and in this vulnerability, Jesus promises comfort.

Mourning Over Our Own Sin: As believers, we strive to live righteous lives, but we often find ourselves falling short. Paul's struggle with sin, described in Romans 7, resonates with many of us. We lament over our failures and the tension between what we desire to do and what we actually do. Mourning over our own sin is appropriate, and yet, there is comfort to be found. Just as Paul discovered, the revelation of God's grace and deliverance through Christ Jesus brings solace. We can find assurance that, ultimately, we will be delivered from the struggles of our sinful nature and perfected in Christ.

Mourning for the Glory of His Name: While the world focuses on solving physical problems, as believers, we recognize a deeper issue—the lack of glorification and reverence for God's name in the earth. Despite efforts to alleviate poverty, hunger, and other challenges, true fulfillment cannot be achieved until God's name is exalted and honored. This unmet need gives rise to mourning within our hearts. However, there is hope. A day will come when Jesus returns to rule physically on earth, and every knee will bow and confess His lordship. In that glorious moment, our mourning will be comforted, and God's name will be glorified.

In a world that often discourages the expression of sadness and promotes constant happiness, Jesus offers a counterintuitive truth. Mourning, whether due to challenging circumstances, personal sin, or the longing for God's name to be honored, can lead to blessing. In our mourning, we find the comforting presence of Jesus, the power of His forgiveness, and the promise of an eternal future where all will be made right. So, it's okay not to feel okay. Embrace your genuine emotions, knowing that in the midst of your mourning, Jesus stands ready to comfort and restore you. May you experience the blessings that come from embracing the full range of human emotions in the knowledge that ultimate comfort awaits.

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Adrian Reid

Adrian is the co founder of The Nova Project. He is a speaker, UN Peace Ambassador, bible teacher, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He currently lives in Geneva with his wife Robertha and two sons Levi-Hunter and Luke-Pierce.