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3 Game-Changing Strategies for Embracing Community and Experiencing God's Presence

Did you know that before anything else was created, there was community? Community is the foundational reality, the first cause that brings forth all other causes. It is within the context of community that God's blessings are commanded. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of community in helping us experience the presence and power of God at work.

Our workplaces are not just spaces for individual endeavors; they are communities in themselves. When people come together in pursuit of a common goal, they can achieve greater good than they could as isolated individuals. This collaboration is an expression of God's common grace, and we are grateful for the organizations and companies that strive to make a positive impact in the world. However, as believers in the workplace, we must also recognize ourselves as a community within the broader community of our workplace.

Psalm 133 beautifully captures the significance of unity within a community. It describes the goodness and pleasantness that arise when brothers dwell together in unity. This unity brings to mind the harmony and purpose of the Garden of Eden, where God's intended goodness and pleasantness were distorted by human disobedience. True goodness and pleasantness are found in unity, just as the precious oil anointing Aaron symbolized God's presence, power, and unifying effect. Our unity as believers is rooted in our High Priest, Jesus Christ, and we can live out its implications in our workplace.

Community holds the key to God's commanded blessings. When we recognize our interconnectedness and embrace the reality that we are one and a part of each other, God's blessings are activated. The biblical concept of blessing encompasses not only material prosperity but also the release of our potential to be productive and flourish. As believers in the workplace, when we connect with fellow believers and acknowledge our community within the larger community, we open ourselves to God's commanded blessings.

Three Pillars of Workplace Community

To cultivate a thriving workplace community, we suggest focusing on three essential aspects:

Community of Prayer: Come together and pray for one another, your organization, colleagues, and the work you do. Seek God's blessing and guidance through united prayer.

Community of Learning and Practice: Engage in studying and applying God's word together. Explore how the principles and character of Jesus Christ can influence and transform your work life. Reflect on how His teachings guide you in dealing with challenges, relationships, and overall work ethic.

Community of Service: Seek practical ways to serve one another, your organization, and your city. Identify broken areas, policies, or practices and work collectively to bring positive change. By being a blessing to your workplace and community, you reflect God's character and invite His blessings.

In conclusion, creating a vibrant workplace community enables believers to experience God's presence and power at work. By fostering unity, embracing prayer, studying God's word, and actively serving, we open ourselves to God's commanded blessings. If you desire to form a workplace community in your office, reach out to us through the provided email in the link below. Together, let us strive to see these transformative principles manifest in our workplaces, bringing forth blessing, prosperity, and flourishing.