Category: Faith and Work

Excel at Work Through Grace

Faith and Work | March 22, 2022
We live in a time of extraordinary advances in scientific and technological knowledge. However, wealth of knowledge is not synonymous with wealth of wisdom, which deals with the skill of living well. With work environments that are high pressured and extremely demanding we need wisdom on how to …

Accessing Heavenly Strategies For Earthly Problems

Faith and Work | March 22, 2022
The boardroom is not typically thought of as a place for divine guidance. Corporate decisions are traditionally made based on facts, research, statistics, and analyses, not on ‘Thus saith the Lord.’ Yet, as sons and daughters of God, we have access to the wisest and most innovative mind in the …

The Price of Anger

Faith and Work | March 22, 2022
Many of us may be responsible for costs or budgets to one extent or another. Most organisations have responsibilities to ensure good fiscal responsibilities, so that it can be seen there is a good return on investment. However in organisations there can be many ‘hidden’ costs which disrupt an …