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Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

Word and Life | October 14, 2023
I've always been known as an expressive person. Whenever an opportunity arises to voice my thoughts and feelings, I gladly seize it. To me, my voice is a powerful instrument, a gateway inviting people into my world. It's a gift from the heavens, bestowed upon us to build lifelong connections, and I …

God's Grace for a Balanced Life

Word and Life | September 21, 2023
As we journey through life, we often pick up habits that serve us well for a time but can eventually turn into hindrances as we evolve and grow. One such habit is the relentless pursuit of success through our own efforts, commonly referred to as a "work-like" mentality.  In my youth, I was …

Forget the Former Things

Word and Life | August 17, 2023
As I lay on my bed engrossed in reading the Bible, a gentle whisper from the Holy Spirit, echoed the words of Isaiah 43:18 "forget the former things." Instantly, I discerned the significance of this message. It's a sentiment many of us have encountered at one point or another—dwelling on past …

The Essence of Evangelism

Word and Life | July 28, 2023
Evangelism holds tremendous importance across various faiths worldwide, commonly linked to religion. Yet, its essence transcends mere religious doctrine. At its core, evangelism delves into the profound understanding that humanity is not solely confined to physical bodies; rather, we possess …

The Legacy of Jesus Christ

Word and Life | July 12, 2023
As the pages of life turn and the curtain draws near, there is a moment of profound significance—an occasion where parents gather their children, reading out their will before departing this earthly realm. It is a scene that evokes both peace and drama, where the legacy of a lifetime is revealed. …

You Need Beauty

Word and Life | March 22, 2022
Genesis 2:9a NIV The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground-trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. Beauty is God’s idea. He defines it. He is the ultimate source of all that is lovely. In the verse above, which comes at the very beginning of the bible, we clearly …